“Those who teach shall also learn and those who learn shall also teach”

(Peter Laslett a founder of U3A in UK, 1981)

Manurewa U3A

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Manurewa U3A

Manurewa, in South Auckland, has a small and friendly U3A branch.  There are ten monthly general meetings (February to December) with a guest speaker, tea and biscuits, study group reports and general business.  A Newsletter is produced after each monthly meeting.  Past Newsletters can be viewed on the Newsletters page.  Details of the study groups can be seen on the Group Calendar page.

The monthly meetings are held at Acacia Cove Village, Wattle Farm Road, Wattle Downs, Auckland 2103 on the second Monday of the month from 1.30pm.

The group meetings are generally held at the convener’s house.  See the Group Calendar for details.

If you would like to become a member of Manurewa U3A, you are welcome to attend up to two general meetings before making a decision.  You can contact Manurewa U3A at manurewau3a@outlook.com

What is the U3A

The U3A movement began in France in the mid-seventies and has spread to many countries. U3A now has hundreds of thousands of members throughout the world.

U3A is a response to the idea that human life is divided into three periods: firstly, childhood and schooling, secondly, child rearing and work and thirdly, retirement.

The Third Age is seen as an important opportunity for listening, learning and understanding. It is during retirement that people can put into practice the idea of further education as a community of like-minded people who seek a greater understanding of life.

Unique characteristics of U3A.

Last update : 20/09/2018